Past Workshops

EuHPN’s annual workshop is an opportunity for our member organisations to exchange expertise and knowledge in planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and financing health buildings.

 Basel 2019

 Basel, Switzerland, was the backdrop for the 2019 workshop, where speakers from 15 countries took on the theme Getting It Right First Time, For Patients' This theme allowed speakers to explore the high level, strategic planning of healthcare infrastructure (the right buildings in the right place), as well as detailed consideration of design issues. In addition to hearing a series of expert presenters, this year the participants were able to take an active role in some prototyping co-design sessions. The 2019 workshop was supported by walkerproject ag and by our main corporate sponsor Ramboll.


Gothenburg 2018

EuHPN’s 2018 workshop took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, with generous support from our member organisations White Arkitekter and Chalmer’s University of Technology’s Centre for Healthcare Architecture.  Around a dozen European countries were represented by 90 participants, and in addition to a series of top class presentations on our theme of Research and Evaluation for Care Closer to Home the attendees were able to visit the Carlanderska Hospital and the Nötkarnan bergsjön primary care centre – both award winning examples of design for health facilities. 



Turin 2017

The 2017 EuHPN workshop took place from 20 to 22 November in Turin, Italy. 

Presentations from the speakers are listed below.


Madrid 2016

Details of the programme and presentations from Madrid 2016 are currently being uploaded.  Please return over the next few days.

The 2016 EuHPN Workshop took place in Madrid, 23-25 November, at the headquarters of the College of Madrid Architects (COAM).  This year we welcomed 70+ participants and speakers from a broader range of European countries than ever before, stretching from Finland to Serbia, and from Poland to Spain.  As with all EuHPN workshops, the speakers and members of the audience comprised a mix of experts: health system policy-makers, health planners, strategic asset investment professionals, healthcare architects, hospital directors and healthcare facility managers. 

Special thanks are due to the Puerta de Hierro and Mostoles hospitals, and the San Blas Municipal Healthcare Centre, who welcomed groups of participants to a study tour of their campuses on Friday 25th November.

You can download the final programme for the 2016 Workshop here, and the information about speakers here. The presentations from the workshop are in the table below.


Brussels 2015

The 2015 EuHPN Workshop took place in Brussels, 16-18 November, at the BIP building in the centre of the city.  We welcomed 70+ participants from a dozen European countries, attracted by a top class line-up of speakers on a theme which is of central importance to improvements in healthcare facility development: Evaluation.  Since this year marked the 15th anniversary of the founding of the European Health Property Network in Brussels, it seemed fitting to return to the same place to evaluate what the network has achieved over the years as well as the tools and methods now available for health building improvement.  We were fortunate to hear from speakers who spanned a very broad range of disciplines, including health system policy development, patient advocacy, market research, healthcare architecture and planning, environmental improvement, hospital management and academic practice.

This year we intend to produce a published report of the workshop, thanks to assistance from a number of raporteurs who were in attendance.  Special thanks are due to the directors of the AZ Monica hospital in Antwerp, who welcomed 20 participants to a study tour of one of their campuses on Wednesday 18th November.

You can download the final programme for the 2015 Workshop here.  The presentations from the workshop are in the table below.


Edinburgh 2014

The 2014 EuHPN Workshop was titled Thinking Differently About Healthcare Buildings: innovative infrastructure planning and design to improve the quality and safety of care.  You can download the programme for the event here, and speaker presentations are available from the table below.


BIM Seminar 2014

As part of EuHPN’s regional seminar series, TNO (Netherlands) hosted a one-day event on Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Leiden on 17th April 2014.  Participants attended from the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.  They were national and regional public administrators, architects, hospital designers, planners, construction company professionals and representatives of hospital or healthcare organisations.

The aim of the seminar was to share knowledge about the current state-of-the-art use of BIM in the healthcare sector, and one particular focus was to explore the advantages (or disadvantages) of using what is termed ‘open’ BIM – models and data that are freely available for all to use.  The event was also designed to critically influence current BIM projects such as STREAMER.

This page provides links to the presentations that formed the core of the seminar and the discussions between participants. A report of the event is available to download here.


Budapest 2013

Danubius conference centre, Budapest

The 2013 EuHPN Workshop was titled ‘Reinventing the hospital: Europe’s challenge’.  You can download the programme for the event here, and speaker presentations are available from the carousel below.


Copenhagen 2012

The Future for Strategic Planning of Healthcare Infrastructure

Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen

This year the annual EuHPN Workshop returned to the theme of strategic planning of healthcare infrastructure.

Thank you to all the speakers, and to all the participants who attended.  We had representatives from 14 different countries, including healthcare architects and engineers, health planners, academics working in the field of health infrastructure development, health policy experts, health economists and senior healthcare administrators.  We were particularly pleased to welcome speakers from our ‘sister’ organisation, the European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (ECHAA).  The presentations covered a very wide range of topics linked to the strategic planning of healthcare capital assets – at European, national and regional levels, and in terms of masterplanning individual healthcare facilities.

For anyone who is interested to know more about the 2012 EuHPN workshop, the programme is here and information on the speakers is here.  The workshop presentations are available to download below.  A full report on the workshop is forthcoming.


Bologna 2011

The 2011 EuHPN workshop was held in Bologna, Italy, and hosted by our member organisations the Italian Society for Healthcare Architecture and Engineering (SIAIS).  The theme was Sustainable European Healthcare Infrastructure: innovation in procurement, planning and design for a green future.  The 2011 workshop was organised in collaboration with LCB-HEALTHCARE.

You can download the workshop programme here, and view a selection of presentations by clicking on the titles below.