Our Mission

 We aim to promote better standards,
and more effective investment in health property across Europe.

What we do

EuHPN members are interested in learning from each other.

EuHPN workshops typically address an issue that is of practical concern to our members; recent examples have included sustainable, green design for health buildings, incremental versus ‘big bang’ planning, design for mental health facilities and dementia care, the effects of new technologies on health care building design, tools for strategic asset planning, and how best to balance private and public capital financing. 

We welcome our own members and a broad range of health estates professionals who work in strategic planning, design, construction and financing of all kinds of healthcare facilities.


Strategic Partnerships & alliances

With a variety of other organisations around Europe and overseas, including representatives of private industry and not-for-profit organisations.

regional seminars across Europe

The network also organises regular regional seminars across Europe. Each year, the workshop theme is linked to our members’ interests and is in a different country.

Collaborative research & projects

Our members are able to draw on each other’s experience and knowledge to answer some of the challenges they face in their own, national health systems.

Our Current Members

 Our members comprise national health estates departments, regional health authorities, R&D organisations, and professional bodies.

 Collaborating organizations

We collaborate with a variety of healthcare organizations around Europe and overseas

Annual workshops across Europe

By using our network capability to enable members to pool and share knowledge, and to keep pace with leading edge developments in this central dimension of health care.

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Improving the efficiency, quality & sustainability of healthcare through innovation procurement.

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