Improving Healthcare Quality in Europe

Published in September 2019, Improving Healthcare Quality in Europe: characteristics, effectiveness and implementation of different strategies is a landmark study of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, in partnership with the OECD. Landmark, because publication comes shortly after the 20th anniversary of the Observatory’s founding, and 10 years after its first comprehensive study on quality of care. You can download a copy of the study here:

The study is aimed at anyone who has an interest in how to define quality of care, frame strategies aimed at improving care quality, balance the competing demands of best practice, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and implementation, and understand European and international guidance in this field.

For professionals working in health infrastructure development, the study provides a chapter which addresses the standards, guidelines and professional views which can contribute to improving the quality of the healthcare built environment. The chapter covers the growing importance of evidence-based design, and how this can make a difference to patient safety, staff satisfaction, person-centred design and cost-effectiveness.

Jonathan Erskine