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We are delighted that you would like to register to attend the 2019 EuHPN workshop.

Please complete the information below. This year the participation fee for the workshop is Euro 350.00 (CHF 400.00) for EuHPN members; Euro 400.00 (CHF 455.00) for non members. This includes all social and networking events. Once you have registered you will receive an email acknowledgement and a request for your site visit preference.

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Personal information: The EuHPN workshop is an opportunity to network and make contact with healthcare infrastructure professionals across Europe, and it would be helpful for everyone to have some advance information about the attendees. *
We’d like to ask you to send us a short biography and statement of your current professional interests – one or two paragraphs at most – accompanied if possible by a high-resolution photograph. If you want to include email or social media contact details, please do so. If you would like to supply this information please include it below, with an attached photo if you wish.Please note that this personal information will only appear in the printed version of the programme, not in the online, electronic version. We will not keep your personal information on the website or elsewhere.