Hospitals of the future

Health facilities play a major role in shaping the delivery of health care. They can provide therapeutic, patient-friendly environments, or they can act as barriers to effective provision of care. While other health system components - people, knowledge, and technology - have received much attention from researchers, the financing, design and organisation of health buildings have been almost ignored.

In collaboration with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, EuHPN has carried out a major study on the relationships between capital investment, service redesign, and the physical nature of health facilities.

The study encompasses:

  • A series of case studies from across Europe, each illustrating a core issue facing those investing in hospitals and other health facilities
  • Human resources for health
  • Developments in primary care provision
  • A review of capital financing across the EU.

Two books have been published as a result of this study: one devoted to practical case studies from across Europe; the other consisting of thematic analysis. Both books can be downloaded as pdf files from the European Observatory site.

Investing in Hospitals of the Future is available here.

Capital Investment for Health: Case Studies from Europe is available here.