Building the Future of Health

GRONINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS – Can the built environment help us stay healthy for longer? Can it inspire us to exercise more? How can we provide for clean water and air? What will our future hospitals look like? Does linking healthy lifestyle and good nutrition to well-designed cities offer a possible cure for Western diseases such as obesity and diabetes? And moreover: how can architects and urban planners play a vital role in solving these issues? These questions - and many more - will take centre stage at the international conference Building the Future of Health.

Building the Future of Health explores the ways in which the design and quality of the built environment can contribute to our health. It offers a broad programme featuring all spatial dimensions: from our cities and neighbourhoods, to our landscapes, to the design of our homes and care facilities and, importantly, our hospitals. Using the Healthy Ageing concept as a starting point, the conference presents inspiring examples and best practices from home and abroad. In addition, it establishes the latest developments in research, policy and specific projects in the field of health and the layout and design of our surroundings. Contributions include lectures, workshops and panel discussions, but also project presentations, excursions, lectures accessible to a broad public of laypeople, and various social events.

EuHPN is supporting Building the Future of Health by sponsoring Chairs for a small number of sessions, covering the latest in design and planning for acute and children's hospitals, psychiatric facilities, community health buildings and health support centres.  You can find out more about Building the Future of Health here