Integrated Health and Social Care in Finland

Flipped Care - Integrated Social and Health Care

June 10-11 2015, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland 

The juxtaposition of continuing public service financial austerity and increasing demand, commonly known as megatrends, has generated a growing consensus … about the nature of reform; a shift towards a whole systems integrated model of care linking primary and acute care and elements of social care. Furthermore evidence suggests that devolution towards regional level service delivery and change management will provide the necessary balance between local responsiveness and economies of scale in redesigning healthcare. This model of reform implies significant changes in the way health systems work with consequent redistribution of resources, including the workforce, across the sectors involved in order to respond to the needs of new integrated models of care.

The conference aims to bring together planners, managers and health practitioners and professionals who are in the front line of change and have a track records and experience of changing healthcare. The topics will include discussion about:

  • EU wide perspectives on trends and the need for change
  • The nature of reform and why it is necessary
  • How different countries are implementing integrated care strategies
  • Future planning; balancing resource and demand to achieve a sustainable health system
  • The impact of new models of care on hospital and health facility design
  • Futurescoping; a look forward to 2030


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