EuHPN 2012 Workshop Copenhagen

The Future for Strategic Planning of Healthcare Infrastructure

22-24 October

Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen


This year the annual EuHPN Workshop returned to the theme of strategic planning of healthcare infrastructure.

As public finances tighten, many European states are looking to devolve responsibility for decisions about, and operation of, healthcare infrastructure. In some cases governments have opted for a market-driven solution, with private companies or public-private partnerships invited to redesign services and to re-assess the provision, capacity and location of hospitals and primary/community care buildings. But this trend is not universal – some countries and regions have chosen to retain public control over some or all of the strategic planning functions linked to the health estate and service development.

The 2012 workshop examined the spectrum of strategic planning models in place across Europe, through critical synthesis of European trends, thematic analysis and case study presentations.  The workshop programme and the speaker presentations are available here.

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